KINSHASA, Congo (AP) — Flooding and landslides after heavy rains in Congo have left at least 32 people dead in and around the capital, Kinshasa, officials said Tuesday.

"The situation is a dramatic. In addition to 15 lifeless bodies that we have collected, there is significant material damage," said Jean Nsaka, the magistrate in Lemba. He said a much higher death toll is possible.

Nsaka said poor building construction, a lack of water drainage systems and land erosion contributed to dangerous conditions. A road leading to the University of Kinshasa was cut off by erosion and many other roads were swept away.

Landslides have “practically engulfed women, children and fathers in their houses,” he said.

The mayor of Mont Ngafula, Tryhon Woobin, said at least 17 people have died there, including a family of six buried by landslides.

“We are trying to unearth the dead,” he said.

In the community of Limete one person was electrocuted and died, he said.