NEW YORK (AP) — Dan Frank, a revered and longtime editor at Pantheon Books who worked with such prize-winning authors as Art Spiegelman, Charles Baxter and Jill Lepore, died Monday at age 67.

His death was announced by Reagan Arthur, executive vice president and publisher of Knopf, Pantheon, and Schocken, who noted that Frank was so identified with the imprint it was known to some as “Dantheon.” The cause of death was not immediately available.

"For decades, Dan has been the public face of Pantheon, setting the tone for the house and overseeing the list," Arthur wrote in a company memo shared with The Associated Press. “He had an insatiable curiosity about life and, indeed, that curiosity informed many of his acquisitions. As important as the books he published and the authors he edited, Dan served as a mentor to younger colleagues, endlessly generous with his time and expertise.”

Frank joined Pantheon, now part of Penguin Random House, in 1991 and since 1996 as editorial director. He previously served as editorial director of Viking, where he worked with James Gleick and Bruce Chatwin among others.

Survivors include his wife, Patty; three sons and a grandson.