You can find more information and make a donation at The Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

Struggling To Make Ends Meet

Although the economy is improving, many families struggle to make ends meet. The high cost of living – including rent, fuel and food – is canceling out financial gains for many low-income workers. To put food on the table, many working Rhode Islanders seek assistance from local pantries and meal sites.

Summer Meals Gap

As summer begins, we think of taking time off and going on vacation, but the need for food assistance remains high. Kids are out of school and they miss out on free lunches while families struggle to put food on the table. Food insecurity doesn’t just happen around the holidays and during the winter. The Food Bank serves 53,000 people each month regardless of the season.

Distributing Healthy Food

The Food Bank provides nutritious food to Rhode Islanders in need. Eighty-eight percent of the food distributed through our pantries consists of core, healthy food that families can use to prepare a nourishing meal on a limited budget. At the Food Bank we know that healthy communities are thriving communities.

Helping Our Neighbors In Need

Many of the guests who visit food pantries have experienced a sudden change in circumstances like the loss of a job, illness, or a death in the family. The food bank is here to help them get through the difficult times by providing food assistance and other resources until they get back on their feet.

Health Habits Nutrition Education

Through the Healthy Habits program, the Food Bank is addressing food insecurity and childhood obesity. Workshops teach families how to make nutritious meals on a limited budget using items they receive at Food Bank pantries.

Meals4Kids Boxes

In summer, kids miss out on free school lunches so their families need help to make sure they can eat, learn and play. The Food Bank provides food assistance through Meals 4 Kids boxes that supply a week’s worth of nutritious, shelf-stable food.

The information in Community Spotlight was provided by the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.