With apologies to Clark Clement Moore:

`Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Rhode Island Statehouse, not a creature was stirring or clicking a mouse.

The stockings were hung in the Rotunda with care, in hopes all the lobbyists soon would be there.

Lawmakers were enjoying their pre-session naps with visions of campaign money under their caps.

The presents were stacked under Governor Gina’s fake tree in hopes of peace between Twin River and IGT.

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow flashed in the window of the guy in the know, Senate President Ruggerio.

Then from under the dome rushed Speaker Nick, who was in a snit. He regrets hiring Jeff Britt.

If your bill needs a feeder, see Joe Shakarchi, the majority leader.

Out on the lawn appeared Commissioner Infante-Green as bright as an orb, followed by John Bender, Dan McGowan and Linda Borg.

Being a reporter these days isn’t easy, even for Channel 12 golden couple Kim Kalunian and Ted Nesi.

Providence Schools are hitting bottom, a challenge for education’s Barbara Cottam.

It’s time for Lifespan and Care New England to stop being bad boys and learn to share their toys.

If Democrats get snippy, they’ll have to deal with Republican Blake Fillipi.

Gifts pile up under the tree, but if lawmakers don’t raise the minimum wage they’ll hear it from labor’s George Nee.

Santa’s sleigh flashed in the sky bright as a strobe, welcoming the Providence bureau of the Boston Globe.

Governor Gina is quite zealous, but of Charlie Baker’s approval rating she’s still jealous.

The Red Sox last season was as bad as it gets, the only thing worse would be to trade Mookie Betts.

If basketball is your sport, root for the Celtics with Harold Metts.

The PawSox are leaving so baseball’s out in Pawtucket. Soon you’ll have to watch soccer to see sports in the Bucket.

Jake Bissaillon, Matt Jeryzk and Steve Iannazzi have miles to go before they sleep, but first they’ll stop for a frosty at the Black Sheep.

If you’re looking for Statehouse flacks with a message to carry, there’s Larry Berman and Greg Pare.

David Cicilline once defended crooks, now his impeachment shot at Donald Trump is one for the books.

Jack Reed has adorned his house with a wreath of greens, pleased that he got Quonset more submarines.

If budget debates get hot, will lawmakers pass Josh Miller’s bill to legalize pot?

If you’re looking for a conservative horn, your guy is the Projo’s Ed Achorn.

If you’re seeking  a way out of the political fog, on Fridays it’s TGIF from Ian Donnis the IDawg.

Then what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. That means it’s almost New Year and more Statehouse follies are near.

It’s Christmas week and Hanukkah too. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Ho Ho Ho from all of us here at The Public’s Radio.

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