The list includes 50 priests and deacons that served in Catholic churches, schools, hospitals and nursing homes as part of the Providence Diocese since 1950. More than half of those named are deceased, and many died before any accusations were made.

The rest have been removed from the ministry.

“The failure to publish the list would create an impression that we do not take this situation seriously, but we certainly do, or we have something to hide, and in fact we do not,” said Bishop Thomas Tobin, head of the Diocese in a Diocese-created video released with the list.

Earlier this year, the Diocese of Providence publicly disclosed it had paid out more than $21-million in settlements and resolved more than 130 sexual abuse claims. Last week, the General Assembly passed legislation extending the time a person has to file civil lawsuits over claims of childhood sexual abuse -- a move the Providence diocese initially resisted, but eventually supported.

“It should be strongly emphasized and clearly understood that the fact that a name appears on this list does not necessarily mean that the individual is guilty of having committed sexual abuse, unless the allegation has been otherwise proven or admitted,” Tobin said in the video.The Diocese was not available for comment. 

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse say the list is not complete.  

“This is too little, too late,” said Ann Hagen Web, who has publicly accused a now deceased priest in Rhode Island of childhood sexual abuse. 

Webb has worked with the New England chapter of SNAP or the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, and helped push for the extended statute of limitations in Rhode Island.

Webb says the Diocese has admitted in other contexts that there are more than 100 accused clergy. She says those names should be part of the list.    

“To say that more than half the people that came forward or more than half the people that came forward or more than half of the priests that were accused – it wasn’t credible -- is absolutely ludicrous, because people don’t join this club if they don’t have to for sure,” said Webb.

The list includes accusations deemed “credible” by a former Rhode Island State Police detective who now works for the Diocese. According to the Diocese, the former detective used a variety of criteria to determine whether an accusation was deemed credible, including consistency of witness testimony, physical evidence and additional allegations against the same individual.

“I don’t know what their criteria for ‘credible’ is, but it’s a bar that it is ridiculously high,” said Webb. “They aren’t equipped to decide whether this is credible or not. That’s not their job.”

List of Credibly Accused Clergy - Living

Joseph Abbruzzese Age 60, Removed from Ministry 12/1/1993

Daniel Azzarone Age 68, Removed from Ministry 11/1/2001

Paul Charland Age 74, Removed from Ministry 8/26/2011

Joseph D'Angelo Age 72, Removed from Ministry 7/1/1983

Kevin Fisette Age 64, Removed from Ministry 8/24/2009

Edmund Fitzgerald Age 90, Removed from Ministry 8/27/1998

Timothy Gorton Age 63, Removed from Ministry 4/23/2012

P. Henry Leech Age 69, Removed from Ministry 5/4/1984

Roland Lepire Age 70, Removed from Ministry 2/9/1996

Robert McIntyre Age 82, Removed from Ministry 3/30/1994

Richard Meglio Age 77, Removed from Ministry 4/22/1988

Edmund Micarelli Age 96, Removed from Ministry 4/17/1990

John Petrocelli Age 73, Removed from Ministry 8/22/2002

James Silva Age 79, Removed from Ministry 3/1/1993

William Tanguay Age 76, Removed from Ministry 6/17/2002

John Tormey Age 77, Resigned from Ministry 3/2/1979; Allegation received after resignation

Samuel Turillo Age 98, Removed from Ministry 6/29/2016

List of Credibly Accused Deacons - Living

Laurence Gagnon Age 78, Removed from Ministry 8/10/2011

Edward Sadowski Age 76, Removed from Ministry 7/30/2001

List of Credibly Accused Clergy - Deceased

John Allard Removed from Ministry 2/25/2013; Died 4/27/2018

Roger Belhumeur Died 9/28/2010; Predeceased any allegation received

Dennis Brodeur Died 1/1/2004; Predeceased any allegation received

Robert Carpentier Removed from Ministry 4/9/1992; Died 5/9/2012

Normand Demers Removed from Ministry 4/1/2002; Died 7/21/2018

Alfred Desrosiers Removed from Ministry 4/2/1993; Died 2/15/2001

Louis Diogo Removed from Ministry 5/10/2006; Died 4/4/2015

Charles Dolan Died 11/5/1977; Predeceased any allegation received

Louis Dunn Removed from Ministry 3/24/1994; Died 4/18/2001

Oscar Ferland Died 7/8/1998; Predeceased any allegation received

John Ferry Died 4/11/1988; Predeceased any allegation received

William Gillooly Died 9/2/1989; Predeceased any allegation received

Rene Guertin Died 1/23/1982; Predeceased any allegation received

Richard Holden Died 3/23/1985; Predeceased any allegation received

Michael La Mountain Removed from Ministry 3/3/1995; Died 8/25/2010

Philip Magaldi Removed from Ministry 5/6/1992; Died 8/8/2008

Robert Marcantonio Removed from Ministry 8/16/1989; Died 10/20/1999

Barry Meehan Removed from Ministry 1/8/2013; Died 12/8/2016

Adrian Menard Died 2/1/1976; Predeceased any allegation received

William O'Connell Removed from Ministry 2/19/1985; Died 5/12/1996

William O'Neill Left Ministry 7/10/1971; Died 5/3/2000; Predeceased any allegation received

Hugh Rafferty Removed from Ministry 11/1/1974; Died 1/11/2001

William Raiche Died 3/26/1983; Predeceased any allegation received

Peter Scagnelli Removed from Ministry 1/1/1994; Died 7/12/2017

Armand Ventre Removed from Ministry 7/5/1985; Died 12/27/99

List of Credibly Accused Religious Order Priests - Deceased

James D. Campbell, M.S.C. Missionary of the Sacred Heart, Left the Diocese of Providence 9/1977; Removed from Ministry 3/2005 by M.S.C.; Died 2007

John Aquinas Powers, O.P. Dominican Friar, Province of St. Joseph, Left Diocese of Providence 9/1965; Removed from Ministry 2/2005 by Province of St. Joseph; Died 10/19/2010

Joseph James Rocha, O.P. Dominican Friar, Province of St. Joseph, Left Diocese of Providence 6/2/1986; Removed from Ministry 1988 by Province of St. Joseph; Died 2009

John Gerard Brendan Smythm O. Praem.,  Norbertine Monk, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Left Diocese of Providence 2/1968; Died in prison 8/22/1997

List of Publicly Accused Clergy - Deceased 

Anthony DeAngelis Died 1/23/1990; Predeceased any allegation received

Peter Tedeschi Died 10/18/1986; Predeceased any allegation received