It's a pretty straightforward bill. It lets schoolchildren apply sunscreen at school.

Right now, schools technically aren't permitted to allow that. The Food and Drug Administration considers sunscreen an over-the-counter drug, so like Advil or Tums, schools tend to not allow students to bring and use it.

State Representative David Bennett wants to change that now. Bennett, who says he's been diagnosed with skin cancer multiple times, has introduced this bill four times. Every time, it has passed the House and not gotten anywhere in the Senate.

"It's something we can teach our children and prevent future disease," Bennett said. "It's as simple as that."

State Senator Josh Miller, who sponsored the Senate version of the bill, says the legislation hasn't become law because of opposition from school nurses.

"The reason were opposed to it was for allergies," says Rachel Cruz, president of the Rhode Island Certified School Nurse Teacher Association.

But Cruz says that this year, her association won't oppose the bill. It's currently before a Senate committee.