The Providence School Board will be under the control of the state when it officially takes over the district soon. The meeting Wednesday was likely the last before the change, and it was business as usual.

The Providence School Board does a lot: sweeping district-wide policy recommendations, budget reviews, the approval of new school administrators.

When the state steps in, the group could find itself with a lot less to do, depending on what role education commissioner Angelica Infante-Green feels the board should play as the state tries to turn the district around.

The board could be sidelined, but Providence School Board member Nina Pande expects the group will still have an important role.

We don’t view this as our last meeting, we just view this as we’re entering new territory,” said  Pande. “We plan on continuing to meet and we plan on continuing to collaborate with RIDE and trying to make sure there’s a successful transition."

Last month the board declined to formally oppose the state takeover of the Providence schools, but offered the state a series of recommendations for the intervention. The state education commissioner is also expected to name a new schools superintendent in the coming weeks.