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As Bus Strike Continues, Providence Looks For Alternatives


Providence may look for a new school bus company. The city’s bus drivers have been on strike for 10 days now. The drivers’ union is in a contract dispute with Ohio bus company First Student.

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza and Superintendent of Schools Chris Maher urged the two sides to come to a speedy resolution of their contract dispute.

But after more than week of striking bus drivers, the city has now announced it is considering a request for proposals from other bus companies, to transport thousands of city schoolchildren

The American Civil Liberties Union has already filed complaints against the city with the State Department of Education, for failing to provide legally required transportation to students with disabilities during the strike.

With more than 200 bus drivers out of work, the city estimates that more than 9,000 students have been affected by the strike, and they report student attendance has dipped.

Providence School Busses
Providence School Busses
John Bender/The Public's Radio