Sidney Tynan: I don’t have television, you know. So it’s not as though I had the television on and playing. I have to go to my website, of The Washington Post. So I waited until maybe 5:00 [or] 5:30, and then I got the rest of the story. 

I was amazed that so many Republicans, who when they took office, had said that they would uphold the Constitution, and how many of them hadn’t even tried to do that. I do believe now that Mr. Pence and Mr. — whatever the other one’s name was — they’ve taken a big backward step. And they’re talking about [the] Constitution, but it’s been four years since anybody’s thought about it.

So I think there’s no point in trying to shovel Mr. Trump out right now. He’s going to be in serious, serious trouble once he becomes a private person, and I know he knows that! So he’s done everything he could to not let that happen. 

Antonia Ayres-Brown: Several months ago, you told me that one of your deepest sorrows was the feeling that the country was losing its constitution. That some institutions that used to be very sacred, have lost that.

Tynan: It will come back, now that we have Mr. Biden. It will come back. I think we’ll start thinking about it, and we’re going to have a big change. I think the first thing, of course, is that people who need money desperately will get it. But I think that the Democratic leadership now will bring back the Constitution.

Ayres-Brown: When you saw yesterday what happened at the Capitol, how did it make you feel? Had you seen anything like this before in your lifetime?

Tynan: Oh heavens, no! No. I don’t ever remember mobs attacking. And then this morning I saw some more pictures of the windows being broken and people sitting in senators’ chairs and things. Nothing like that, of course, has ever happened. We’ve never had anything like this!

So I think that we’re going to go back to the old ways. And I’m — I’m elated, just happy. And I feel as though a great burden has been taken off of the country.

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